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Reverse Consolidation can save business owners up to 50% of their monthly advance payments, freeing up much needed cash flow.

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Reverse Consolidation vs  Loan Consolidation

Written By Walter Leonard 12/5/2015
Venture Business Brokers believes in the American dream and that every business deserves the opportunity to get the necessary funds needed to prosper without a long wait time and without jumping through hoops.

We also believe we have a fiduciary responsibility to you as the business owner, but we also have a responsibility to your family and the people who keep your business moving forward. With that said Venture Business Broker will never offer or push you into a financial position
that is not manageable.  

Our goal is for every client to think of us as a business partner who will always have 
your best interest at the center of every financial decision.
A Loan Consolidation is a business financing solution that takes all of your existing debts (business loans, merchant cash advances, business credit card debt, etc.) and simplifies them into one loan from one lender or creditor. Many small business owners choose to use a Loan Consolidation when they are faced with high daily or weekly payments since the solution takes the burden of paying multiple lending institutions off their shoulders. Additionally, business owners, in most cases, will now have lowered interest rates and payments that will only minimally affect their cash flow. For instance, some business owners are paying up to 10 different cash advance or loan companies at once, many with terms under 4 months. Our goal is to remove the burden of working with multiple lenders, work with your business over the long term and be able to provide capital on an as needed basis so multiple advances will not be needed.

To add to the benefits of a Loan Consolidation, often times an alternative financing institution that provides the consolidation, such as one of many partners, will also be able to ensure that your business nets a certain amount of money after consolidating your debt.

Reverse Consolidation is not Debt Consolidation. One of Venture Business Brokers network partners will deposit monies directly into the owner's business bank account on a weekly basis to satisfy all current cash advance positions. Our partner withdrawals a smaller daily payment directly from the business account at an agreed upon purchase of future receivables for an extended payback period. As the current cash advances come to term, less and less monies are deposited into the business bank account until all current cash advance positions are satisfied.

Venture Business Brokers and our partners believe all current cash advances should be paid off. The business owner will continue to pay that smaller daily payment until the Reverse Consolidation program ends. No restructuring or settling with current cash advance funders is necessary.