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Debt Restructuring

Venture Business Brokers believes in the American dream and that every business deserves the opportunity to get the necessary funds needed to prosper without a long wait time and without jumping through hoops.

We also believe we have a fiduciary responsibility to you as the business owner, but we also have a responsibility to your family and the people who keep your business moving forward. With that said Venture Business Broker will never offer or push you into a financial position that is not manageable. 

Our goal is for every client to think of us as a business partner who will always have your best interest at the center of every financial decision. 

Are you so far in debt you don’t even know where to start to dig yourself out? If so, a debt restructuring program may be the solution you are looking for. Instead of applying for loans or looking at ways to consolidate your debt, let the certified advisors we partner with take away the stress and handle the situation for you. A certified debt consultant walks you through a range of strategies to help determine which program is the right solution for your debt. It’s a short, no-obligation phone call.
To help you succeed a customized design a program that:
  • Could offer significant savings compared to what you currently owe.
  • Enables you to resolve your business debt in less time.
  • Has a monthly program deposit you feel comfortable with, significantly less than what you’re currently paying each day/month.

A program that helps you succeed with your business debt consolidation! Each month you make a deposit you can easily afford into an FDIC insured dedicated account that you control. As you build your savings account, negotiators work with your creditors to achieve the best settlements. The negotiators know the best time to start negotiations and which types of settlements to negotiate.

Each time negotiation experts reaches a settlement with one of your creditors, a negotiator immediately contacts you for settlement authorization. Once your business debts are settled and satisfied, you no longer owe on any of your enrolled accounts— their balances are zero.


Benefits of a Debt Restructuring program:
  • Avoid Business Bankruptcy
  • Satisfy creditors based on what your business can afford
  • Reduce debt and stretch it out over time into fixed, affordable monthly payments
  • Spend less time dealing with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys
  • Spend more time creating revenue and optimizing your business
  • Keep your doors open and retain management control
  • Avoid unnecessary legal fees
  • Balance your budget and manage cash flow
  • Preserve vendor relations and keep vital supply lines open
  • Rebuild your credit and credibility